The Music

In listening to the sounds of Meridian Odyssey you’ll rapidly uncover the roots of their musical talents. Nearly all have been trained by jazz legends of the 60’s and 70’s and the classics run through their veins.

You can almost hear the echoes reverberating from the historic jazz venues of the past. Like beautiful sounds emanating from the windows of late night city street taverns. 

Yet, so fresh is the interpretation you’ll be enraptured by the endless creative inventions from each instrument and every note played. 

For longtime fans of jazz, this is your opportunity to enjoy premium talent at the beginning of their journeys. As only those who went to the Savoy or the Cotton Club so many years ago. 

With those newer to the art, this is your invitation into the most innovative, door opening, music available to the human ear. 

This is jazz. This is fresh jazz. This is Meridian Odyssey. 

A trip to the seventh galaxy for the Space X generation, the accent here is on interplay and vibe rather than exploration. Young lions that know how to play well together and focus on achieving lift off. 


Midwest Records