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2024 Summer Odyssey -WEST COAST

Join us on our West Coast tour as we share some of our newest music before we head into the studio to record our next album. Yes! Coming soon. The latest Meridian Odyssey collection of songs.

Yet, arriving even earlier…is us! Join us at one…or all…of these dates and locations.

8/2 & 8/3 – Seattle Jazz Fellowship, Seattle, WA

8/4 – Ono Kitchen And Bar, Bellingham, WA

8/5 – Tyrant Studios, Vancouver, BC

8/6 – House Show, Olympia, WA

8/7 – The 1905, Portland, OR

8/8 – Christo’s, Salem, OR

8/9 – Jazz Station, Eugene, OR

8/10 – Mr. Tipples, San Fransisco, CA

8/12 – The Big Easy, Petaluma, CA

8/13 – The Fink, Napa, CA

8/14 – House Show @ San Anselmo, CA

8/15 – The Sound Room, Oakland, CA

The 2022 Golden Ear Awards, celebrating the contributions and achievements in Seattle jazz, were presented in March and the big news was that Meridian Odyssey took home prize for Northwest Recording Of The Year for the band’s second album, Earthshine.

Each year, the Golden Ear awards give jazz fans an opportunity to vote for the outstanding musicians, community members and events of the previous year. 

Needless to say, with all of the jazz talent in the Seattle area this is a big win for Meridian Odyssey.

A trip to the seventh galaxy for the Space X generation, the accent here is on interplay and vibe rather than exploration. Young lions that know how to play well together and focus on achieving lift off. 


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